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I’ve lived in the city of Chicago my whole life and I decided to be a criminal lawyer sometime in the middle of undergraduate university. Growing up in the city I’ve had the experience of seeing a lot of people who were given kind of a raw deal by the criminal and judicial system here and the police department at times. There are also a lot of really good lawyers in the city and criminal defense has always seemed something extremely interesting to me and it’s not the kind of job where you’re going to be sitting behind a desk all day. I’ve always wanted something where I can get more involved, get into a court room, you know actually have a little excitement in my job.

Robert J Callahan can defend you in nearly every case in Chicago, Illinois and Federal court, below are just a few of his specialties: Assault and Battery : Murder : Chicago DUI : Drug Charges : Domestic Violence : Embezzlement : Fraud : Traffic Crimes and Violations : Hit and Run : Illinois DWI : Juvenile Crime : Probation Violations : Sex Charges : Theft & Burglary : Violent Crimes : Weapons Charges: White Collar Crime : Federal Charges : Illinois State Charges : Chicago Arrest and More.

Defense Lawyer and Legal Specialties

Drug Charges

Robert J Callahan has defended people charged with drug and narcotics altercations for over 15 years. Drug charges defended by our expert legal team include:

  • Possession
  • Possession with Intent to Distribute
  • Trafficking
  • Felony Drugs and Narcotics Charges
  • Misdemeanor Drugs and Narcotics
  • Drug Cases involving cocaine, marijuana, prescription drugs, methamphetamines, opiates, ecstasy, LSD, controlled substances and many other drugs.

If you are legally hooked or under investigation with any drug offense by the DEA, FBI, ATF, police, Illinois State Patrol, or any other agency call for a consultation.

Traffic Offense

Traffic and Vehicle Offenses Robert Callahan has defended Traffic and Vehicle Offenses ranging from misdemeanor driving offenses to felony charges including Illinois dui charges. An Illinois dui is defined as driving under the influence and oftentimes a dui is the charge for driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence of controlled substances. If you are charged with a dui in Illinois there is no time to waste, call our office immediately to schedule a consultation.

DUI Cases – The law has changed and starting out with just the general attitude of the public towards DUI I’ve seen change. Specifically over the last 20 or even 30 years. I just remember growing up around the city, the Chicago cops hardly ever gave anyone a ticket for driving under the influence. They would send people on their way or first they would maybe lock their keys in the trunk or call someone else but there were very few times that they would charge someone with the criminal offense of driving under the influence. I think culturally that has really changed and the enforcement of people driving under the influence has gotten harsher and harsher and the punishment more draconian and severe.

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