Last summer WG was arrested for attacking her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend (ST). WG was accused of going to ST’s house at 3 a.m. WG was intoxicated at the time. When ST answered the door she began fighting with WG. ST was stabbed and sliced several times with a small knife. She was taken to a hospital where she was treated and released the next day.
The Cook County State’s Attorney’s office charged WG with Attempt First Degree Murder. We subpoenaed the recorded 911 calls, police radio dispatch recordings, and medical records. One of the interesting things about the medical reports was that ST hadn’t received any sutures (stitches) for her stabbing injuries. We explained this to the prosecutors and asked that the charges be reduced to aggravated battery. They refused and offered a sentence of 10 years at 85%! We demanded a trial.
During trial ST was confronted with her conflicting stories about the attack. Her testimony was not entirely credible. We presented evidence that her injuries were superficial at best. Because of that, ST had been treated and released the same day from the hospital.
After listening to all the evidence the Judge found WG NOT GUILTY of Attempted Murder and guilty of Aggravated Battery. She was later given a sentence of Probation. Our investigation and trial strategy paid off nicely. Instead of going to the penitentiary for the next 7 and a half years of her life, WG went home with her family.

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