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If you are arrested, wanted or charged with a crime or felony you could be facing serious penalties. Robert Callahan is the Chicago criminal defense lawyer that can help you. He can keep your future intact and provide the best criminal defense in Chicago, Cook County, Dupage County, Will county, Lake County and nationwide Federal Court representation. Call Us Now!

Recent Class X Felony Defense

July 2009 – Possession With Intent to Deliver Heroin

James C. was charged with Possession With Intent to Deliver Heroin, a Class X Felony with a mandatory 6 Year Sentence. We filed a Motion to Suppress Evidence, and set the case for a hearing on all relevant facts. Prior to the hearing, investigation revealed that the Chicago Police had improperly, illegally, and unconstitutionally stopped the car James C. was traveling in. During the Preliminary Hearing numerous inconsistencies were uncovered during cross examination of the arresting officer.  The Police had basically stopped Mr. C. for no reason.  They testified that James “was in a high narcotics area” and that he had made movements which looked like a “suspected narcotics transaction”.  The Officer also testified that James made a “furtive movement” as the officers approached him.  At the hearing on the Motion To Suppress Evidence we were able to demonstrate to the Judge that the stop of the car was unconstitutional, and that the arrest of James was improper.  The Judge agreed with us and the Motion to Suppress Evidence was Granted.  The case was then dismissed. 

Specialties of Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer Robert Callahan:

  • Murder
  • Drug Offenses (Possession, Trafficking, and possession with intent to distribute)
  • Federal and Felony Charges
  • Illinois DUI Attorney and Chicago DUI Lawyer
  • Weapons
  • Sex Charges
  • Embezzlement and Fraud
  • Assault and Battery
  • Juvenile Crime
  • Violent Crimes
  • Theft and Burglary
  • Domestic Violence
  • Probation Violations
  • Hit and Run
  • Traffic and Felony Traffic Offenses