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While it is always daunting to face the investigative and prosecutorial resources of the government, federal charges are especially serious. Federal criminal offenses tend to be serious crimes that carry long terms of imprisonment without a parole option. Investigations of these charges are conducted by federal law enforcement agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives(ATF), Justice Department (Department Of Justice) and other agencies. These law enforcement agencies have virtually unlimited resources to investigate alleged criminal offenses. Federal sentencing guidelines also typically entail far harsher sentences.

At the Chicago federal criminal defense law firm of Robert J. Callahan and Associates, Robert J. Callahan has almost two decades of experience defending those charged with federal crimes including a specialty in narcotics related criminal cases. Mr. Callahan and his team of experienced Federal criminal defense attorneys have the expertise and experience to effectively defend clients who have been the subject of long-term investigations. We analyze and evaluate voluminous financial records, witness interviews and other evidence typically gathered by federal law enforcement agencies.

Our experienced Chicago federal criminal defense lawyers handle the full spectrum of serious federal criminal offenses including:

Federal White Collar Crimes

  • Embezzlement
  • Anti-Trust Violations
  • Securities Fraud
  • Counterfeiting
  • Tax Evasion
  • Extortion
  • Money Laundering
  • Identity Theft
  • Forgery
  • Bribery
  • Bank Fraud
  • Real Estate Fraud
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Health Care Fraud

White collar offenses usually are crimes based on allegations of deception or theft committed by professionals. These financial crimes have received an increasing amount of publicity in the media, and federal prosecutors have become vigilant in pursuing professionals charged with alleged acts of unlawful financial misconduct. Federal law enforcement agencies have become extremely aggressive about prosecuting these types of financial crimes in recent years with high profile cases often carrying terms that exceed those of violent crimes. Many times these cases require reviewing extensive financial records and computer data that may have been gathered over a period of months or even years by a federal law enforcement agency.

Because many people accused of white collar federal crimes may have little or no experience with the criminal process, they may make the mistake of cooperating during interrogations or consenting to searches of their home or office. If you have been charged with a white collar criminal offense in the greater Chicago area or you are merely the subject of an investigation, you should assert your right not to answer any questions without legal representation. Robert Callahan may challenge search or arrest warrants, control the scope of interrogations and challenge the veracity or admissibility of other evidence.

Federal Drug Crimes

Under federal law drugs are classified into five schedules based on their level of addictiveness, harmful effects and legitimate therapeutic applications. Federal drug crimes relate to the possession, distribution, sale, manufacturing, trafficking, possession, sale and trafficking of controlled dangerous substances. The penalties for federal drug crimes are based on the classification of the controlled substance, the quantity and the type of drug related offense. Federal drug crimes cover street drugs like methamphetamine, cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana and heroin, as well as prescription drugs like Oxycodone and Vicodone.

If you are charged with a federal drug crime, it is important to have an experienced narcotics attorney represent you because many federal drug offenses carry mandatory minimum sentences. This means that the judge has no discretion to sentence those convicted of these federal drug offenses to a more lenient penalty. If you are charged with a federal drug crime, our experienced Chicago federal drug crime attorneys will diligently defend your rights, including challenging unreliable informants and identifying improper search and seizures.

Federal Sex Crimes & Violent Crimes

Federal sex offenses like human trafficking or violent crimes like kidnapping are aggressively prosecuted by federal prosecutors and can result in both long prison terms and a devastating impact on your reputation. Mr. Callahan uses his 23 years of experience to identify effective defense strategies when his clients are charged with these serious charges, which may include but is not limited to the following:

  • Insufficient basis for conducting a stop that leads to an arrest or search
  • Exposing Miranda violations
  • Improper searches
  • Involuntary confessions
  • Mistaken identity
  • Unreliable witnesses including law enforcement officers
  • Lack of evidence
  • Unlawful surveillance

Whether you are under investigation by a federal law enforcement agency or have been charged with a federal criminal offense, the Chicago federal criminal defense law firm of Robert J. Callahan & Associates is committed to aggressively protecting our clients from incarceration and damage to their reputation. We offer a free consultation so contact us today by calling us 24/7 at +1 (312) 322-9000 or Contact Us online by submitting an online contact form or through our Live Chat.