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Success Story: Mortgage Fraud Case


Several years ago there was suddenly increased political pressure placed on the Federal government to obtain mortgage fraud related convictions. Our firm was retained by a gentleman who was under investigation and subsequently charged with this type of offense. Upon reviewing the evidence, we discovered several areas of weakness in the prosecution’s case.


A key part of our investigation involved closely examining the loan origination documents. It was quickly determined that the testimony of a former employee would be necessary for the prosecution to meet their burden of proof. This combined with other considerations prompted our team to pursue a strategy of demanding a jury trial for our client. This might not be a recommended approach in every case, but we felt confident that the required witness would be unavailable at the time of the trial. The prosecution’s case was significantly weakened without this particular witness. They were therefore unable to lay the appropriate legal foundation for the admission into evidence of an indispensible element of their case in chief.


After realizing their dilemma, prosecutors dropped all charges against our client. Our experience in the area of mortgage fraud and our overall defense strategy was critical to their decision. At that point we had experience with numerous similar Mortgage Fraud cases. We knew what to expect with regard to evidence and prosecutorial strategy, and that was the key to another well-earned defense victory.

When your good name is on the line you need a criminal defense attorney that will protect your rights. If you are arrested, wanted or charged with a crime or felony you could be facing serious monetary penalties and jail time.

Embezzlement and Fraud

Robert Callahan is the Chicago criminal defense lawyer that can help you with all types of White Collar crimes and charges. If you are charged with embezzlement or fraud charges, then call us now. Robert J Callahan and Associates can keep your future intact and provide the best criminal defense in Chicago, Cook County, Dupage County, Will county, Lake County and nationwide Federal Court representation.

Criminal Defense for All People

Robert Callahan has defended people of all races, sexes, nationalities and economic classes and will use extensive resources, professional relationships and superior legal knowledge to protect your constitutional rights.

Specialties of Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer Robert Callahan:

  • Murder
  • Drug Offenses (Possession, Trafficking, and possession with intent to distribute)
  • Federal and Felony Charges
  • Illinois DUI Attorney and Chicago DUI Lawyer
  • Weapons
  • Sex Charges
  • Embezzlement and Fraud
  • Assault and Battery
  • Juvenile Crime
  • Violent Crimes
  • Theft and Burglary
  • Domestic Violence
  • Probation Violations
  • Hit and Run
  • Traffic and Felony Traffic Offenses