Chicago Drug Offense Attorney – Fighting to Prevent the Dire Consequences of a Drug Crime Conviction


The number of drug crime prosecutions has increased astronomically because of the “War on Drugs” waged by the federal and state governments.  The zealous campaign by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and state law enforcement officials often result in those who commit drug crimes facing mandatory minimum sentences and more severe penalties than some violent offenders.  Drug offenses are by far the most common criminal charges with as many as one in five people incarcerated for drug offenses, and more than half of all federal prisoners locked up for drug convictions.


The almost dogmatic nature of the law enforcement agencies and courts in fighting the war on drugs has resulted in lots of casualties and collateral damage.  Many people struggling with drug addiction are locked up for simple possession for person use.  The harsh sentences imposed for drug crimes in Chicago can result in incarceration in county jail, probation, substantial fines, mandatory participation in drug treatment, a criminal record and other penalties. 


Anyone convicted of a felony drug crime may face a lengthy term in state prison.  When families lose a loved one due to overzealous drug enforcement efforts, the result can be state prison for mere possession of some controlled substances like heroin or cocaine and the continued erosion of our Constitutional rights against unreasonable search and seizure.  When this happens the victims are not just the suspect who is arrested but the family and loved one’s left behind.


At the Chicago narcotics defense law firm of Robert J. Callahan & Associates, Mr. Callahan has almost two decades of experience in narcotics litigation.  During his nearly twenty years aggressively challenging state and federal prosecutors, he has built a reputation in the criminal defense specialty area of drug-related litigation.  Mr. Callahan and the other Chicago drug crimes attorneys in our law firm are thoroughly versed in Fourth Amendment search and seizure law and carefully scrutinize police procedures for violations of the Fourth Amendment or state law.  We frequently seek to have critical evidence such as drugs, paraphernalia and more excluded at suppression hearings greatly compromising the prosecutor’s case.


We have extensive experience and success handling both state and federal criminal drug crimes in Chicago.  Our skilled and experienced Chicago drug crimes attorneys have the expertise to present a tenacious defense to the full range of potential narcotics charges including:


  • Drug Trafficking
  • Drug Conspiracy
  • Drug Manufacturing and Delivering
  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Sale
  • Cultivation
  • Possession with Intent to Deliver


When defending cases involving drug crimes in Chicago, Mr. Callahan may use a range of defense strategies, including but not limited to the following:


  • Exposing the lack of truthfulness and accuracy of the affidavits used to obtain a search warrant
  • Attacking the efficiency of the evidence used to obtain a warrant
  • Challenging the execution of a search for exceeding the scope of the warrant, lack of a warrant or exception or consent from a person not authorized to give consent
  • Other search and seizure Fourth Amendment defenses
  • Violation of Miranda rights once a suspect is “in custody” or confessions obtained illegally
  • Unreliable drug informants
  • Entrapment by undercover officers


State and federal law enforcement agencies are extremely aggressive about investigating and enforcing drug crimes in Chicago.  If you have been arrested for a drug crime, you should immediately assert your right to have an attorney present and decline to speak to the police. 


The Chicago narcotics defense law firm of Robert J. Callahan & Associates is committed to protecting the rights, freedom and reputation of our clients in Chicago and throughout Cook County.  We offer a free consultation so contact us today by calling us 24/7 at 312-322-9000 or contact us online by submitting an online contact form or through our live chat.


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