Last September, Chicago Police, responding to a call, approached G.P. while he sat in his parked car.  Once he police began speaking to G.P. they suspected he was under the influence of alcohol.  G.P. got out of the car, performed the field sobriety test but refused to blow in the breathalyzer.  The police arrested G.P for DUI.

As a consequence of being arrested for DUI, the Illinois Secretary of State automatically suspended G.P.’s driver’s license for one year.  We were able to get into court early and attack the summary suspension.  We subpoenaed all of the 911 and dispatch recordings as well as all other pertinent material.  We requested a hearing and answered ready.  The state was not prepared to go forward.  Because we acted early we won the hearing and got G.P.’s license back before the suspension even went into affect.

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