Our client Q.M. was arrested for a Felony aggravated battery he didn’t commit in front of a popular downtown Chicago nightclub last June.  One of the nightclub’s employees had refused entry to him and his companions, and an argument ensued.  During the argument the manager was struck several times in the face, and kicked repeatedly after falling to the ground. Q.M. had never struck or even touched the employee and tried to explain this to the arresting officers. Nevertheless, he was arrested and had to post $10,000 bail for his release.

Our investigation began with a subpoena for the nightclub’s video camera recordings.  We also subpoenaed and acquired the 911 and dispatch recordings from that evening.  It was clear almost immediately that Q.M. had been wrongfully arrested.  We were able to impeach the complaining witness at the Preliminary Hearing with the information we had uncovered during our investigation. At trial, we were able to show that some other individual who was similar in appearance to Q.M. had actually struck and kicked the nightclub employee.  For the above reasons Q.M. was found NOT GUILTY of all charges.  We are currently working on his expungement.

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