What differentiates Robert Callahan & Associates from all the criminal defense lawyers practicing in the Chicago area?  We do things differently from the very outset of your case.  Police radio transmissions from the day of the incident are obtained by our investigator.  If there are 911 calls we order those also.  Every single police report, video recording and forensic report is in our hands BEFORE the preliminary hearing.

With all of the above at our disposal, we visit the crime scene.  Measurements are made. Photos are taken. Witnesses are interviewed.  We compare the area of the arrest and witness statements with the reports generated by police.  Almost always, there are gaping inconsistencies in what the police say happened and what happened in actuality. The Public Defender does not have the same resources we do. Other attorneys may have the resources, but don’t commit the time and effort necessary to effectively implement these resources in a defense strategy.

Over the past 18 years, several hundred felony cases have been thrown out at the Preliminary Hearing level alone.  Countless other Felonies have been won at trial and through Motions to Suppress Evidence.  By going out to the actual scene and doing our own parallel investigation, we gain an advantage over the prosecution.   Why do we win more often than the other criminal attorneys practicing in Chicago?  Our thorough and comprehensive pretrial investigation wins cases!

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